Lower Mainland; Vancouver Island

Chasing the Light

Throughout BC, there are bright sparks of magic to be found in both the sky and the sea. Here is just a sampling of the spectacular, all-natural light shows to discover ...

by Jennifer Dorozio

Photo by iStock.

There are two designated dark sky parks in BC: McDonald Park near Abbotsford and Cattle Point Dark Sky Urban Star Park in Oak Bay (close to downtown Victoria). Shielded from light pollution, both are perfect destinations for marvelling at the wonders of the universe all year long. But opportunities for star-gazing in coastal BC extend far beyond designated dark skies. For a local favourite, try West Vancouver’s seaside Lighthouse Park on a clear summer night.

Photo by Eric Drumm Photography

On the western edge of Vancouver Island, the Wild Pacific Trail’s Lighthouse Loop in Ucluelet brings unforgettable views to eager sunset-seekers. During any season, weather permitting, you can watch the bright gold and pink hues of a burning sunset over the water from the benches and lookouts along the trail.

Photo by David McColm.

The fluorescent green and pink ribbons of the northern lights have been known to dominate the sky above Alta Lake, in Whistler, when the timing is right. Whistler’s northwestern location makes it an ideal spot in BC to catch this miraculous display of colliding atmospheric particles.